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USF leads all state universities in performance-based funding metrics

The University of South Florida leads all state universities in performance-based funding scores for 王牌彩票, according to data released today during a meeting of the Florida Board of Governors.

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USF COVID-19 rapid response research effort funds second round of pandemic projects

USF’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants program is investing in 14 additional faculty research projects that would advance new medical interventions to detect and stop infections, develop innovations in personal protective equipment, and address fear and confusion in communities particularly vulnerable to the virus.

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Engineer and biologist unite to fight coronavirus with corona discharge

An interdisciplinary team of scientists from the University of South Florida has advanced efforts to establish a novel technology that can rapidly sterilize and electrostatically recharge N95 respiratory masks to restore their original filtration efficiency.

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USF in the News

During the rapidly evolving coronavirus outbreak, national media outlets are regularly turning to faculty experts from the University of South Florida to analyze the latest developments and feature how innovations created at USF will help fight the virus. By participating in hundreds of interviews, USF’s world-class faculty in public health, medicine, engineering, business and many other disciplines play a leading role in educating the public as news shifts.

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USF psychologists report uptick in online disinhibition

Social distancing has moved almost all in-person interactions online, which may be leading to more productive therapy sessions. USF psychologists are noticing more instances of online disinhibition. The behavior is similar to when you share a car ride and speak more freely since you’re not looking at anyone face-to-face.

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